Like most people that write blogs I feel that it is necessary, or expected to do a ‘Year in Review’ piece. Originally I was going to do this strictly with pictures (and may yet tackle that) but so much has happened in the deadhead1155 family’s world that it is only fitting to do this the old fashioned way, with keyboard in hand and LED screen in front of me.   So here goes.

2015 came in with me sitting at home dealing with a work related injury to my knee. And this was after 2 surgeries and physical therapy earlier in 2014. Long story that won’t really be that interesting until an end is in sight. So after a quarter Century I found myself not heading out to work every day. This took some getting used to as I have been working since I was old enough to get working papers.  Suddenly I found myself trying to figure out what to have for dinner every night. This gave me an appreciation of what my wife had to deal with for decades. 

We then had a few harried months while our oldest son and fiance worked out their plans for their nuptials. This they did in a very unusual way. In May they got married, on the anniversary of their first date, on top of a mountain at a ski resort. Well I know that others have done this before, but many others, that wanted to ‘do it their way’ never did, and found themselves standing in a Church, Synagogue or Catering Hall, exchanging vows the way that their parents wanted it done. Ultimately it went off without a hitch and they will always have the memory of having done it their way. Bless them.   No sooner did we catch  our breaths from the wedding when we found out that we were going to be grandparents. Oh my. Neither of us felt old enough for that. But then again we didn’t feel old enough to have two grown children making their own way in life. Which brings me to our youngest son. He was living in California for a while and felt that the time for that wasn’t right so late in 2014 he returned home. We missed him dearly and although he was returning to find his path in life, deep down inside it was good to have him around again.  And when he got back we laughed, cried, and hugged. This carried over to 2015 and it was hard to watch him work two jobs to put money away (to try and move out again), struggle with the transition from boyhood to true manhood and all that goes with it.  But watch we did, and through it all we watched with some pride in knowing that he will be okay. I stopped teasing him about living in the guest house on the future Estate, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgotten.

My wife slowly got used to me being home when she got home, and I learned to give her the quiet time that she was used to before I was here all of the time. Over the summer she had the greatest gift a mother-in-law could ask for. My wife and daughter-in-law worked together running a pottery program at a Summer Day Camp where I think that the highlight of the day was stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts for that afternoon pick me up.

I spent the summer working at a Boy Scout Camp running the Scoutcraft area. What a learning  experience that was. They treated me really well because of my bad knee. The days were long and it was literally 7 days a week for 6 weeks. It was a killer but I loved it just the same.

In November I turned the big 60. And I survived. Okay so maybe I am a bit slower, my knee hurts still 2 years after the initial injury (and will forever, I think).  My betrothed and I sit and do  a lot of ‘Remember when…….’ or ‘Remember this……’. We learned that it is okay to sit quietly and just enjoy each others company. We quietly make plans for heading South to escape winter while at the same time making sure that we are around to watch our family grow bigger, and older, and share in their lives. The good, the bad, and everything that comes in-between.  I realize that although I have much to look forward to that suddenly I have much to look back on as well. Middle age? Came and went and I never bat an eyelash. My 60’s? Now that will be something else.

Earth RotationYes 2015 was the year that my world tipped on it’s axis a bit. No biggie, there is still gravity. And that, my friends is another story for another time.




A Healthy and Happy New Year to you all.         deadhead1155


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