WWTD?  Good question. Whenever I see those bumper stickers that say WWJD? I always ask myself, YES what would Jesus do if he were here to see what his preachings have led to after all of these centuries. Especially during the last quarter of the year when the true meaning of Christmas has been tossed out the window for the new meaning (Wow how much shit can we stuff under our tree to keep the kids up with the Jones’?) But that isn’t the point that I am trying to make today.

From the beginning I have never taken Donald Trump’s run at the White House very seriously. Just as no one took Pat Paulson’s run seriously (well actually he was serious but that in itself is another story). I have always felt that he is out there for various reasons, being President not one of them. I think that in his own way he is trying to bring home the point of just how far off of the track this Nation has gone. He doesn’t want to be President. It won’t make him any money. He’ll have to put everything in a blind trust and have someone else run his empire. And ‘The Donald’ would never trust anyone with that responsibility. 

However, his ‘run’ has made us all think. And think we are doing. Whether we want to give Mr. Trump credit or not. So I am calling on each and every one of you that read this to now keep in mind ‘WWTD?’ and let’s plaster that all over the place. Put it in your posts, when you read the paper or watch the news think ‘WWTD?’ Then think, and think hard, which legitimate Candidate would do what only ‘The Donald can verbalize? Considering that he suffers from diarrhea of the mouth we will have to completely discount some of his remarks as playing to the Press (like his off the cuff racist remarks) but inside his rants he is showing us how far, as a Nation, we have sunk.




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