” Hi, my name is deadhead1155 and I am an ‘App’ addict.”

“Hi deadhead1155.”

It’s true. I am an ‘APP’ junkie. Oh I didn’t always be this way. No, I started out small. First it was little things, like buying Lottery tickets. Then my friend had to pick  up his Sister in  We stopped in Atlantic City. To kill time we went into a Casino. I put a quarter in a slot machine, pulled the handle and all of a sudden- Kaching, kaching……….. Money was pouring out of the machine. After some pulling  on my arm my friend was able to get me out of the Casino. But that was the beginning. I was smart enough to only go into a Casino with some cash and NO plastic. When it was done it was done. I once made the mistake of going to a casino with my wife. I was doing great. I gave her some filled coin cups to cash in and kept my usual $20. By the time she returned, I was broke. I asked for some more cash but got none. This went back and forth until finally I gave in and we went out for a good dinner on the Casino’s dime.

From there it was Lottery tickets. Not as lucky in that universe. Never hit once, not even a free scratch off ticket. One day I was driving down I80. I looked at a billboard and it said, ‘Mega Millions $40 million. Powerball $79 million. In my mind I thought ‘A mere peanuts, not enough to get a ticket.’ Is that nuts or what?

Now a day my addiction has morphed into Apps, Applications for my phone, tablet, computer you name it. To free up space on my device, I would rather remove pictures of my family then delete an App that I never use. Why? because someday I may need that App and then it won’t be on the phone or tablet. Mind you I never use these apps. I have RetailMeNot, Ebates, Redlaser, Ringtone maker (a must), United Airlines (like I fly a lot), White noise, Geocaching (like I do that weekly),the list goes on and on. But by far the most important one is my Dunkin’ Donuts App. You would think that I was a Brother in Blue (No offense to our brave Officers that uphold the law). I know where every Dunkin’ Donuts is. They have sucked me into using this App almost daily. I can’t help it. Do you realize that not only can I get a coffee for $.99, and a Dark Roast to boot, but sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich for $1.99. Yes ONLY $1.99. Or a Coolata, Medium or Large (yes large) mind you, for $1 off. Damn what a deal. And while I am taking advantage of all these deals I am earning points to get a FREE drink. Yeah baby a free drink. Any size, how about that kiddies. I can get a free coffee just for earning 200 points. That’s it just 200 points. Heck I can do that with one hand tied behind my back. Whew I am breaking out into a sweat just thinking about the what I am going to get when I achieve my next 118 points. A Dark Roast, no maybe a medium Iced Dark Roast with one milk and spritz of mocha flavoring.  Yeah that’s it. No wait, it’s supposed to be warm the next few days. Hmm, a Coolata?

Hey why am I wasting time at the 12 Step Meeting when I could be out grabbing a $.99 coffee and earning points right now. See ya. Thanks for all the help, in case I forgot to mention it. I feel better already.

Hey did I tell you about my coffee mug addiction I mean collection? No well I’ll cover that at our next meeting. Gotta run before I miss out on those points.


Iced Coffee



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