I began this on Sunday September 13th. I pick up today.

                                  From this 20150907_135024  to this LOL 12006252_10207403456634852_98874825246846371_n

Autumn came today. Well not really. It doesn’t actually arrive this year year until September 23rd. But it arrived today (Sunday) nonetheless. We went from beautiful weather in the 90’s and 80’s (Fahrenheit for you reading this in the Celsius parts of the world) to suddenly waking up with temps in the low 50’s. To many people this spells relief. Not to me.

I must suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and probably always have. We can add that to the list of other things that I suffer from. LOL.  Even before they invented those lights that mimic the rays of the sun, as a child, I used to lay on the carpeting in my bedroom in the sun streaming through my window. Today I know that the glass filters out the good stuff that helps over come the lack of sunshine but back then I did it to help me make it from the Summer to the Spring. I wasn’t exactly a shut in. I built snowmen, snow forts, shoveled snow for neighbors for money. I hiked, camped, and even took up skiing just to get out of the house. I owned the right clothing to keep me warm even if the air wasn’t but still deep down inside I was not happy.

Already, within a week I am suddenly wearing socks to keep my feet warm, looking for new gloves to keep my hands warm, shopping for another pair of fleece lined jeans and thinsulate lined boots. Now a days, I only go out in the Winter when I absolutely must. Even with the right gear, in my mind I wonder what the ‘f’ I am doing outside when I could be inside curled up in a blanket. Or better yet, living in a warm climate.

Most people will complain about the heat and humidity, I relish it. People tell me that I have poor circulation but tests prove otherwise. The Doctors just say “some people don’t like the cold. You’re one of them.”

For those of you that love the change of Season’s, the fall foliage, the beauty and quiet after a snowstorm, good for you. No I truly mean that. I have given it the ‘All American Try’ and just don’t get it and probably never will.

Don’t feel sorry for me. It takes all types to make the world go around. My goal is to move South, especially as the years creep up on me. There always seems to be a reason why this doesn’t come to pass. This year it is because, for the first time, I am going to be a Grandparent. No I don’t want to be one of those distant people that send cards on Birthdays, and Graduations. I do want to be hands on. I do want to be a major part of his/her life and spoil her the way a Grandparent should. If I was rich (monetarily, not in friends and family as I am) I would travel back and forth regularly. But alas, I was not born a Rockefeller.   Somehow I will find a happy medium, or die trying.

Some of you will read this and feel pity for me, don’t. I am not alone, otherwise there would be no mass migration South and out of the Northern States in this Country.




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