Ah Labor Day Weekend. The unofficial end of Summer. The time of year when our children return to school and have to get serious again. I remember when summer ended it was hard for me to remember how to write in script. Now a days with everything being the keyboard I can’t even write in script in June. But I digress.

When I was a child Elementary School began at 9am and ended at 3pm. Lunch was from 12 to 1pm and we went home, ate, and got back to school in time to play some box ball before heading inside for the afternoon.  Junior and Senior High School began at 8am and ended at 3pm. We were able to leave for lunch which went from an hour in Elementary School to 45 minutes in the upper schools. Gym was at least 3 days a week and in Elementary School recess was a given.

Now to today. Elementary School begins around 8:30am and gets out 2:30 or so. Junior (Middle) and High School begins about 7:30am and ends about 2:15pm, or so depending on the town. Lunch time is about 30 minutes. Recess is not a ‘given’. In fact in our town we used to have something called ‘Walk, Jog, Run’ to help meet Phys Ed requirements. (I don’t want to even begin on that).

It seem like every other child has A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. and is on medication to keep them sitting quietly and not disturbing the class. Okay, now I am getting to the meat of all this. I will admit that YES some children do have those problems and do need medication. BUT the Schools today use these as excuses to make their jobs easier. Boy did that just piss off a shit load of Teachers out there. I am sorry. No I truly am. There is no way in Hell that I could do your jobs. Thank you!!!!!

But with that being said, in my opinion, we are asking our offspring to do something that is not, in any way natural to our species. We are asking them to sit still, look straight ahead, take notes, and not move around for about 6 hours a day. THIS IS NOT NORMAL to our species. Think for a minute about the young of other mammals. Cats, Dogs, Bear, Tigers, the list goes on and on. When we watch videos of their young (Remember Marlin Perkins and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom) all we see is them playing, play fighting, climbing trees, sticking their heads in holes in trees or the ground. Constant movement, constantly learning about the world around them. And near by are the parent of the breed sitting there wondering how to pick up a cup of coffee without opposable digits. But seriously this is how our children should be too. We need to find a happy medium or we will have nothing but a society of prescription drugged children and adults. Hmm, wait isn’t that what we have now?  Think about it before you make excuses about keeping up with the Japanese children, or that children have to know so much more today that what we really need is a 12 month School Year, or that times have changed. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Oh and before I sign off for today: Studies show that we have it backwards. Younger Children’s biological clocks wake them up earlier and older (teenage) children’s biological clocks have them rising later and going to sleep later. But then would we fit Sports into the day? After all we all gave birth to the next Super Star Athlete.



  1. Today’s classrooms are not like the ones we grew up in.Students don’t sit and take notes endlessly, there is a lot of interaction, movement, the use of manipulatives to better come to understand concepts, and differentiated learning so that children on different levels can work independently if necessary. Our classroom had one child “on the spectrum” diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and the day he was not on his meds were hell for him and for the teachers. We – the teachers are surely not asking for children to be medicated to make our jobs easier- if children truly need medication they will benefit because they will better be able to learn by being able to better focus, and control impulsive behaviors that can be disruptive for them and the class. A true problem is that we are forcing young children- preschool age to learn concepts before they are ready- writing letters, reading, before their brains are developed in a way to be able to process. I attended a workshop that spoke about this and found it fascinating- young children need to play- not be in school at age 3 and 4 in order for them to develop as they should

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    • First, thank you for taking the time to reply DailyMusings.
      Having had a night to sleep on your thoughts I would like to add to my original reply to you.
      I am writing about the Public School System and not the Private Education Sector. Most Public Districts in America don’t have the same financial resources available to them. The Teachers are evaluated on children’s behavior and their management of it along with the Standardized Test scores.
      I did mention that there are some that truly need medication. I myself would have benefited from it back then. But many Educators, fighting a broken system push for the meds and/or classification of students to help bring up the test scores and their evaluations.
      The workshop that you attended is 110% correct! Hence my my original comments regarding the young of other species..
      It is good that the school that you work in can afford to be more progressive. We (our Nation/Society) need much more of that!
      I repeat, change comes slowly. Hopefully not too slowly.


  2. The sad fact is that the public schools are not funded as they should be, or are top heavy in administrative salaries. The teachers very often have packed classrooms, with no aides, and are recqired to teach a very specific curriculum, aimed at test taking. Special ed stiudents are included in the mix, and demand much attention. (Teachers get graded now on the test results of their kids, and their behavior!). There is no room for creativity in teaching, or dealing with the children as people.I have seen this firsthand, as i work in a public school. The teachers arw burnt out, and unhappy with this state of affairs. The manipulatives and other equipment very often stay put away,as there is now hardly any time to use them. Children, even elementary school childrwn, need play in order to develop. The public school system is broken, and hopefully the kids will not suffer too much.

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