MY H*****K?


Now that camp is over and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I have come to the conclusion that I am ‘NOT’ going to be a slave to ‘the MAN’ anymore. Oh of course I will have to continue to work in some capacity, but the days of the 50-60 hour work week are over. Do you hear that? OVER. Can I afford to retire? No way. Am I old enough for Social Security Insurance? No but that won’t cover it all anyway. But  I am learning that Time Waits for No Man, and it sure as hell isn’t waiting for me.

I figured out that my stint at camp averaged out to a 67 hour work week. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed what I was doing (working with the future of America) but the constant exhaustion, and sleeping all afternoon Saturday (my only time off) just didn’t cut it. When camp was over it took me time to unwind. My wife said ‘take a couple of Mental Health Days’ before getting right back to working. Of course I couldn’t exactly switch gears on a dime so it took about a week to catch up with me. Or for me to slow down.

On Thursday I took my first Mental Health Day. If you read my previous blog you will know that I went and sat at our Pond and just vegetated looking at the scenery and clouds float by. What I did not add was that when I got home, I made a nice cup ‘o joe and laid in my hammock with my kindle. I got no reading done but got about 2 hours of well needed sleep.

Yesterday after spending hours working on rehabilitating some computers for camp, I again went outside to lay in my hammock. This time I left the book but brought my headset and phone with tunes on it. Again I fell asleep swinging gently in the breeze.

Today I made no pretensions of trying to read and perched myself in my hammock and slept once again. Wasted time? NO WAY. I highly recommend that everyone reading this go get a hammock and a frame (mine hangs between trees in my wooded backyard) and teach yourself to do nothing. Just let your mind wander and take a mini vacation.


Believe me, it is just what the Doctor ordered. And for once I listened. He also ordered me to go to the beach and stare at the waves and listen to them crash on the shoreline. I think that finally I found a Doctor worth listening to.


6 thoughts on “MY H*****K?

  1. Even at my age the boss says “I can’t believe you won’t take a twenty four hour shift”.
    Seriously? It takes me three days after that to get back into the swing of things. It’s just not worth the money any more!

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    • Thanks for the comments Steve. And to think back in College we would pull all nighters regularly and still get a little studying in.
      And doesn’t pizza taste better the next morning anyway?


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