Why do people Blog? To get their 15 minutes of fame (see Andy Warhol), to entice people to think, to throw out a topic so we try to find pictures that go with it, to share experiences that we have had good or bad. To make us laugh? Some people use blogging for Social reasons. This could cover many reasons, too numerous to list here. For some Blogging is a person’s window on the world. The reasons are infinite.

I use the medium as a ‘soap box’ to stand on to get my thoughts out for others to hear. (Ex: Howard Beale in Network but I would like to think that I am not insane like he was). Along the way, I hope that I plant some seeds. Whether people agree with me or not doesn’t really matter. I love when people disagree with me as much as when people agree with me. Many times people have opened my eyes to things that I had not seen. And guess what, I find that refreshing as well. My Grandmother used to say that we learn something new every day and that is the truth.

For four weeks now I have been working at a Summer Camp. My windows on the world have been very limited. Long days, not much time to keep up on my favorite Blogs, and news stories. And I have barely seen my family. However I am in the woods and that in itself is a treat.

But  I have been observing the future of America and their parents and boy do I have oodles to say.

So consider this as me just checking in and fair warning.

Now please excuse me, I have to go find my Xanax and get back to work with America’s Future.

Wake up to Find out that you are the Eyes of the World


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