It has been quite some time since I have sat down at my keyboard to actually put together a blog. Oh I have taken other people’s blogs, or articles and re-blogged them but these words and opinions did not actually come from me. I have made numerous attempts to get back into the swing of it but something has been holding me back and given me ‘writer’s block’.  I think that I have finally figured it out. I have not worked since November 25th 2014. The reasons are various and if you really want to know just ask in the comments below and I will be happy to address them. But here is what I have figured out. Since leaving work, I am not pissed off anymore. This does not mean that things do not upset me what it means is that it is just really not that important to give me ulcers, get me into a rant and make each new day a day where I am anticipating a nightmare. A customer trying to return a $1.99 item because the bag is ripped, sitting in the traffic to get across the Hudson River which can take almost 2 hours. No longer do I give a rat’s ass what my competition is doing or what I have to do to ‘steal’ business from them. I don’t care if a new store set up arrives a week late and missing items to boot. After 24 years of working in the same field it is over. Can I retire, no fuckin’ way. I still need to bring in money, after all without money I would not even be able to post this blog. And I do love watching my New York Yankees. Oh and yes I love to eat. But from now on I am leaving the big bullshit decisions to others. Mostly the new kids on the block. My parents fought the big one WW2, and god bless them for it was a truly miserable war. The war helped pull us out of the worst recession that this company had known up to that point. (sidebar, in our entire history we have been at peace a total of about 27 yrs. Google it). Their generation got us into Vietnam and us Baby Boomers got us out. In our time at the helm the Dow broke 10,000 but big deal it was all make believe money and still is.

Oddly enough I am relying on some of that make believe fairy dust to help me live with the internet for a couple of years. Another topic for another day. But what else have we done? Congress has been dysfunctional for decades, We have land laying fallow and Americans still go hungry,’ and the band keeps playing on’.

Wait a minute, didn’t I just begin this blog by stating that I am not ‘pissed off anymore’. Maybe I lied, maybe I am confused, maybe I am really a tea partier. Or maybe I am just falling through a rabbit hole trying to figure out this new road in my life.

I started out with many answers but as I click away here on the keyboard I seem to be opening more questions. AAARRRGGGHHH. Dammit. I guess I am back now. You poor slobs. Well we are all in this together.

Well I will spend some time on my hammock tomorrow giving this whole thing some thought.



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