A ‘Men’opause, of Sorts.

On March 30, 1990, a couple of weeks after my oldest son was born, I got a job that was supposed to be a stepping stone. I had been managing a retail Greenhouse and need to earn more money now that I was a ‘Family Man’. That job lasted for almost a quarter of a Century. Well actually I worked for three different companies during that time, but the one that am/was currently with bought the other two. I guess the point is that I have been doing the same work for that period of time.

Back in April of 2013 I got injured on the job and tore my meniscus in my left leg. This began a Workman’s Compensation saga that, to this day is not over. But that’s not important now. What is important is that after twenty four years I find myself at a MAJOR crossroad in my journey though life. You see, when I finally received a ‘Return to Work’ authorization from my surgeon (no I have not been home since April 2013. It has only been since  November 25th, 2015. Again that is a story for another time) it was for Permanent Light Duty. This made it impossible for me to continue in my profession.  At last, last week I received my pink slip, digitally I may add.

At first I was scared shitless. After all, this high pressure sales/service job was all that I had known for decades. Also, being a type ‘A’ person, of Jewish decent, having Adult A.D.D. I was in a panic. How would I support my family and pay my bills? But wait, in three weeks my oldest son is getting married. My youngest is 20 yrs old and is developing plans of his own. Hmm maybe now is the time to REALLY consider downsizing. Also, not being a winter person (these last two were the last straws for me) and my Mother is up there in years, maybe it is the time to think about heading South where the only snow is what we see on television or the internet. Now I admit, I don’t have much family left in New Jersey as most of them have moved decades ago. They had foresight, I guess I have hindsight. My wife does. But somehow I think that in time many of them will be heading south. Or will be very happy to visit. Then there is the hope of Grandchildren. The list goes on and on. At least in my mind. See what being Jewish with A.D.D. does to a person, no wonder I am grey. LOL

For now, I am going to collect Unemployment, think abut what I would like to do, try and learn to relax and take each day as it comes. They tell me that it is really never to late to teach a dog new tricks.  And I do have some ideas. They range from something with computer (easy on my knee) to being an Uber driver. The possibilities are endless.

First though, I need to get some sunscreen and begin to work on my base tan and ponytail. Oh and since I do not drive a Company Car anymore, I think a ‘Dead’ window decal is called for.

Is that some sun peaking out of the clouds. Gotta run. TTYL.


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