Boy what a winter it has been here in Northern New Jersey. We have had as much snow as last winter when we totaled about six feet but it has been so cold that the snow that we do get just doesn’t melt. We keep missing the ‘big ones’ but it seems like every few days we get about two to three inches of new fresh powder.  I wake up each morning and the thermometer reads anywhere from minus zero to ten degrees. Some days we make it into the twenties and the other week we even hit forty. A heat wave. After I went out and put more salt on the sidewalk I took out a chair and even got a sunburn on my face just sitting, like a lizard on the rocks facing the sun.

This weather has taken it’s toll on the roads as well. Not just potholes but major

Frost Heaves.Frost-Heave-Sign. This ought to keep the local DPW busy in the spring. In the meantime driving is like riding a roller coaster. But there is promise. Every day the sun comes up a little earlier and sets a bit later. I feel it’s beautiful warmth shine through my windows warming me for a little longer each day. Why even next Sunday Daylight Saving’s Time begins.  Spring Ahead

Oh we may be getting up in the dark again but even that will change.  Some of my hundreds of Facebook Friends (a topic for another blog) are beginning to post their preparations for their gardens by posting pictures of their seedlings.seedling_tray_damping_off

Anyone that lives where we have cold winters and has a garden has heard the expression that ‘rocks float’. 5543.got_rocksPreposterous you may say but I say nay you are wrong. As ground freezes it pushes the rocks up towards the surface and no matter how hard you try, every year you have to clear out the rocks every Spring before planting.

Ah but all is good. In three weeks Spring officially begins and a week after that the Boys of Summer will take the field, my hammock will come out of the basement, and once again life will return to the Northern Hemisphere. What’s that? I think I hear a little voice in my head asking me to put the air conditioners back in the windows.


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