Traditional Television Viewing Continues To Drop, Says Polls.

Last month I posted a Blog entitled The Technological Evolution.  Since we are in the throes of winter here in New Jersey, I have been watching television more than usual. So of course I have made some observations after writing that post. For years I have been telling people that my generation (baby boomers) will be the last to read an actual newspaper and get newsprint on our hands. Read books that aren’t digital (I admit, reluctantly that I do read books digitally now and love it). Know what dialing a phone really means. I could go on.

Today while driving I heard on the news that television viewing in the traditional sense is dropping off and has been for years. Statistics show that more and more people are still watching TV shows but not on any channel or network. They are streaming shows on their computers, tablets, and on their new 50+” flat screen television sets. Well Duh, I could have told you that without spending money conducting a survey. How you ask? Good question and now to the meat of my blog today.

Although I love to read the BBC, NY Times, Huffington Post, and Aljazeera on my tablet while sipping my morning coffee, I am still addicted to watching the evening news every night and as it is winter and I am housebound, television in the evenings.

Sooo you ask, big deal many of you do too. But here is how I know that we are a dying breed. I find that almost every commercial that I see is for selling something for our dying generation and a medication to cure it. And here are just some of them:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: Not a problem yet but I am keeping that one in mind for my golden years. I am beginning to think that as we get older not only do we sleep in separate bedrooms but we each have side by side bathtubs.
  2. Vaginal Dryness: caused from Menopausal Hormone issues. They never taught us about that in Health Class but now I know more than I feel is necessary
  3. Prostrate and Steady Stream Problems: That one I knew about but never thought that it warranted a medication. I figured you just lived with it.
  4. Women, are you afraid to share a good laugh in public because of leakage? Well that one can be handled with medicine or, adult undergarments, or both. (Actually this one goes for men as well)
  5. Osteoporosis: Also not a surprise but there are medications for this as well.
  6. Arthritis: Well now this one can be handled with over the counter drugs or prescription medications
  7. Shingles: Not only is this a menace but now to prove it we need to see what it looks like and just how miserable it can make someone. But, yes there is a medication and vaccine for this as well.
  8. Toe Nail Fungus: Now this is truly a disgusting thing so thank goodness they some pharmaceutical company developed a prescription medication to cure this.
  9. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Well stop worrying about how you are going to live on Social Security now that we all lost our money in the great Depression. Just get some script for Ambien.
  10. While your at it being depressed shouldn’t ruin your days either. We have many, many prescriptions to cover that one.
  11. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and just plain CRS: Well they can’t stop it but they can slow it down,

Now in case you don’t watch the commercials because you you use that time to deal with problems with your stream, or you were laughing so hard that you needed a new undergarment let me tell you that all of this goodness come with some side effects. AND you must let your physician know immediately!!!!! Oddly enough the side effects are almost all the same, blood in your urine or stool, pain in your stomach, forgetfullness, sleeplessness, drowsiness, headaches, dry mouth (in college we called that cotton mouth), a sudden drop in blood pressure, dizziness, and lest we forget, if you have an erection for more then 4 hours go to the Emergency room immediately as you can cause permanent damage to your penis, Or your wife may file for a divorce because she was betting on the ‘Death do us part’ thing.

Oh did you know that 15 minutes could save your 15% on your car insurance? Well it could and it is so easy a Caveman could do it (Hey I may have a beard but I’m no caveman). What the hell are they implying anyway?

And lastly, now CBS has a 9PM Network news on one of their ‘sister’ stations for us folk that can’t make it to the 10PM news.

Gotta go boomer’s, time for the Earlybird Special.


2 thoughts on “Traditional Television Viewing Continues To Drop, Says Polls.

  1. Well I think after reading all these depressing side effects some would be better off dealing with cotton mouth. Just say’n. But I guess you would have to retire to Colorado.


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