NYTimes: Dogs in Heaven? Pope Leaves Pearly Gate Open

NYTimes: Dogs in Heaven? Pope Leaves Pearly Gate Open



Every Weekend I get to read the physical copy of the New York Times. I relish this as a reminder of growing up fore i was one of those weird kids that used to read the paper everyday. When i was too small to hold the paper i would lay it out and read it on the living-room floor. The carpeting was beige leaning to white but no one complained about the ink getting on the carpeting. I think that was because, coming from a family of readers they were happy that i too was a reader and how many kids read the newspaper every day? To this day I read the news every day, albeit digitally. Which is why I cherish the weekender edition to the Times so much, plus I miss getting newsprint on my hands.
But alas this is not my reason for today’s blog. No I was intrigued by the above article on page one of todays paper.
You read the article, I’ll go heat up my coffee. I’ll be here when your done.

I was intrigued by the arguement about animals having ‘soul’. Now I have never had a snake, frog or cat, but I have had dogs my entire life. Every one that I have had has had a different doginality (well come on now they are not people so how could we call it a personality?). Each one was smarter or not as smart as one of the others. They could sense my moods and miraculously know when to come over and hang next to me or give me a doggy kiss or stare at me wanting to cuddle. And slowly, like discussing things with a person, i would begin to feel better. Does that mean that they have a soul? I doubt that is proof. Being born Jewish I wonder what the great Rabbis in the Talmud would have to say. In fact i have no idea if they ever took up the issue.
I would like to think that, if there is a heaven, my companions (or pets to some) would be there waiting to hang with me, maybe even holding a copy of the NY Times for me to read, or an mp3 of Jerry Garcias latest song. Nah, they’ll probably be holding a ball or stick for me to throw. After all everyone’s idea of heaven is different.


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