My Legacy

For a few weeks now I have had this idea for a blog. My Legacy. But I have been unable to put anything to words that even come close to being appropriate. I write and then erase, and do this over and over. Why is this so important to me? Well for one, I turned 59 last month, my Aunt passed away the day before having succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease after nine long years. I was in Florida visiting my Mother at the time. Second, my oldest son moved out with his Fiance and is going to get married next year, my youngest son moved back home (temporarily) while looking to go to school back here on the East Coast. And the year is winding down. So As my wife and I look at the the end of one chapter in our book of life (trying very hard not to flip through the pages of the next chapter to see what is coming which would be cheating) I wonder about My Legacy. Is having a legacy important? When you pass a cemetery with those thousands of Headstones I wonder about all the people that have come before me and think, “I wonder if they had a Legacy?”  And if not, so what?

Last evening I decided to discuss this with my wife. We had a nice long conversation about it. Then miraculously I got an email in my ‘in box’ that seemed, to me to answer the question beautifully. Here is the photo that came with it:


I always thought that the quote ended with the word ‘child’ but apparently not.  It just so happens that I am a Scout Leader and have been for about 17 years now.

So there it is, the answer to my question.

If you have the time and are so inclined here is the link to the WordPress blog that it comes from. The Blog is called Bryan on Scouting.


2 thoughts on “My Legacy

  1. After reading this I thought of troop 49’s Eagle Scout board. I see all the names and think of those young men’s accomplishments so far in their lives. I also think of the many boys/young men that did not see the scouting experience to the end but remember the talks with them after they left scouting. All have many fine memories of their time in scouts. Many of them have also been fine, productive citizens with bright futures to be had.

    This does not happen by accident. It does not occur without having great role models from both inside the family unit and outside the family unit.

    Doc, John, you, and all the other leaders have been great role models for so many young men. You all have much to be proud of and all have helped set these young men on a course in life set for success!

    I as a parent of one of these boys can’t thank you guys enough for your time and dedication.

    There was a quote that went something like, I may not be able to change the world but, I can to what I can to change my part of it.

    You may now pardon this interruption and continue your legacy!



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