We had our first killing freeze of the season here in Northern New Jersey a few nights ago. Considering the way Autumn has been this year we should have been prepared. But alas, no. We were fooled into thinking that we would go from Summer right into winter. Certainly the trees have been changing color but the days were in the mid 60’s to the mid to upper 70’s. As the Weather person on the evening News kept telling us the weather was ‘unseasonably’ warm. Me, I was in my glory. Everyone that knows me knows that I strongly dislike the change of Seasons and really don’t belong in N.J. However, marriage and the task of raising children have kept me here for two decades longer than I expected.

Today, I woke up to a familiar, although not enjoyable sound of jet engines blowing through the woods around my house. See those trees in the picture? Well we had a couple of days of rain and now they are bare, or almost, of their beautifully colored leaves. That means that until Spring returns, when the wind blows through the trees and branches all we hear is the sound of jet engines. Amazing how that happens.  We hear it all Fall and Winter and still it makes me stop and think every time. It is  not all that bad because it constantly reminds me of the force of Nature. Not to mention that it is time to buy 10 gallons of gasoline for my generator, make sure that I have salt for the driveway (which there is already a shortage of, but that is a blog for another time, stay tuned), are my snow shovels up to par for the Winter. And most importantly, now is the time to run out and get that new Winter Coat that I have spoken about the past three winters. And how could we forget>>>>>>Heating Oil. That I took care of this week before the rise in prices.

Everyone looks at the change of Seasons differently. To me it means one thing, to you it means another. I would love to hear your take on the Seasonal changes and what feelings it brings out.

My last thought to share  on it here will be this, If we are supposedly the most intelligent animal on the planet, why do we live where the weather does this to us?



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