Social Media Addiction

It has been about three weeks since my last post. For those of you that wait with baited breath waiting for my next post, I apologize for the wait. For those of you that don’t, tough poo poo. Since I began this blog, I keep thinking to myself, ” I really have to sit down and write something in my blog.” But alas, work, family, and life leave me exhausted at the end of the day and whatever thoughts I had seem to disappear, or get lost in an errant brain cell sleep takes over and yet another day is gone.

Now for some years now I have been addicted to social media. I had my cell phone set to let me know when someone posted something new on Facebook. I would hear a little bird tweet when one of the people that I follow on Twitter made a post. Words with friends would boing constantly as I was following oodles of posts (secretly wondering how the hell people have time during the day to write constantly). There is my Snap Chat account, my Tumblr account, my Vine account, YouTube, Instagram and Words with Friends. I think that covers it pretty good.

I found myself, thinking constantly “i haven’t blogged in a week. I have to go and blog.” Now as a Salesperson, I make sure to turn my phone to vibrate while working with an account. It would vibrate constantly, and even though my customer couldn’t hear it I would be slightly distracted wondering what I was missing. Nine out of ten times it would be someone on fb telling me that they just had a mocha frapachino at Starbucks, or someone posting a picture of a new ‘vape’ that they just bought and how they are now trying spiced pumpkin, apple pie, cinnamon cheese cake in it.

I used to take lunch and read my book for half an hour, now I would be checking all of my social medias checking what i was missing. Then it got worse, I had to check it after my stop and before I hit the road to my next account.

I was addicted to social media.  If I didn’t check in constantly then I would be missing something. Turns out I was, LIFE!!!!!!! Thanks to a friend of mine (that claims to hate technology, social media, cell phones and the internet but I know better) he pointed out to me that at one point I had posted 20 something posts on fb in one day. Okay, some of it were reposts but still. In a way he was right.

Now I decided to do something about it. I went to my phone and tablet and turned off all audio notifications and vibrating ones too for social media. I left it for email as I use it for work, Scouts and need to be connected for those. For the first few days, I was looking constantly to see if I was missing anything. Then I noticed that I was checking it less and  less, Now I only take a look at lunch but still try to hold back until I get home and then bang out my posts in one fell swoop.

I have become aware of people around me missing the world and just looking at their phones giving their thumbs arthritis (yes I developed that too). While in an account sometimes people ask me to help them. I usually do unless they don’t hang up their phones. Then I go back to work. Usually they get huffy and tell me that they are going to tell my boss, the owner of the store, about my rude behavior. I then tell them that I do now work for the store and I just offered to help them to be nice. Bazinga!!!! I go to the bank, supermarket, Best buy, it doesn’t matter. AND it amazes me that to this day people still hold a phone to their ears while driving on the interstate in the left lane at 40 mph.

Do I miss it? Sure, does a junkie miss heroin? Does Bill Clinton miss living in the White House (another post)? But now I use my phone more and more to take photos of the world around me. Oh yeah I still post them, just not as much.

Well tha’ts it for tonight. Think I’ll read my book a bit. But you’ll see me online later trying to catch up on your lives.

All my life’s a Circle, sunrise and sundown………….


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