Change. I doesn’t come easy.

First off, let me say that I do not handle change very well. Never did.  Also, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Lately there has been lots of change in my life. My oldest son ‘officially’ moved out and into a Condo with his Fiance, my youngest son move to California and my wife and I had to get used to being ‘Empty Nesters’. Which, I might add was actually kind of nice and quiet. However it was change. First and foremost Ali and I had to learn to hold a conversation again, especially one that didn’t begin with “So did you see what your son did today?” :-). More change. A few years ago, after running a Territory for over two decades, the Company that I work for decided that the relationships that I had developed over that time meant nothing to them or the business and made changes there as well. To this day I have not gotten used to it. Hey, I never said that Alice had it easy living with me. A year of so ago, I was injured on the job, which Workman’s Compensation totally botched and now I cannot backpack, hike, go to the gym or do all of the outdoor activities that I love so dearly. A combination of Change and growing older.

Now to the crux of the biscuit. I have owned a nice Dell laptop for almost 9 years now. As operating systems updated, I updated. In fact I have pretty much rebuilt the thing a few times. Adding ram to handle the more complicated OS that Microsoft keeps coming up with. Squeezing more space out of the hard drive by constantly cleaning it up, even reformatting when an errant virus sneaks in through a back door. I really like my ‘old friend’. We, or should i say, I was comfortable with it. It also afforded me to not have to upgrade to the ‘all new’ Windows 8.1. Sidebar- Why is it that everyother OS that Microsoft makes is a dog? Windows ME, Vista, and now Windows 8. Another topic for another day.

As a Salesperson, if I am not out seeing customers writing orders than I am not going to have any chance of meeting my goals, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. But also to travel on a Friday of a holiday weekend is not the smartest thing to do when one lives in the NY Metropolitan area. So I planned on a Office Day. A day to catch up with my computer work. A day to get four new programs into the system to present to customers upon my next set or rounds. I booted up my ‘old faithful’, logged onto the system and off I was going. Bingo, one out of three done. Yippee a productive day at home, and the tunes weren’t bad either. Then all of a sudden, my computer, my buddy, my pal for nine years began acting up. The video card was on its way out. Nothing worked correctly. I did what we all would do. I complete scan of the system and peripherals. Nothing. The whole thing was locked up tighter than a drum.

What to do, I had work to do. Wait a minute, I had a $100 off coupon for Staples. Off I ran. A computer was not in this weeks budget but this was for work. Of course Staples was out of stock but I could order it online and get it sometime next week. I was desperate, I even checked another Staples. Then ran to Target, Walmart (yes Walmart) and finally Best Buy. I got a middle of the roader. I mean I am not a gamer, I don’t watch Netflix on the computer I just do internet, excel, powerpoint, and this kind of stuff. 

All in all this Lenovo will work out well. One hitch, in a quest to be like Chrome, or Apple, Microsoft again had a new Os. This one really sucked. Not only that, my office has me locked out or the settings on the computer have me locked out. G*D damn Bill Gates and Company. And also, who the fuck needs a touch screen on a laptop. A tablet certainly but a laptop?

Now this is why I love linux. It is simple, it boots up rapidly, doesn’t get virus’ and I am not keeping up with the Jones. But my company won’t let me into our portal with that, or Apple, or Chrome. The only thing that I can figure is that Bill Gates and his Philanthropic group, pay money to Companies to stay away from OS’S that work nice and easy.

Enough bitching for now. Oh one last thing. Microsoft now wants me to purchase a ‘subscription’ to Office at $9.99/month to use it.  Arghhhh.



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