An open letter to @budselig and @MLB

I probably should have done this a couple of years ago but hey better late then never.

Dear Mr. Selig and MLB,

What in the name of God were you thinking by introducing Inter-league play? It has to be the stupidest thing to come out of your whole tenure as Commissioner. And guess what, everyone that I have spoken with agrees with me. So whoever you consulted must have been one hell of a ‘yes’ man.

Listen, before you initiated Inter-league play, the World Series had meaning. The AL and the NL played each other. Part of the excitement of the Wold Series was to watch how batters and pitchers would react playing against people that they never played before. To be a world Championship team meant something. Now It has become pretty blase. 

When I was growing up there was the NFL and the AFL and the Superbowl meant something more than what commercials were being shown and who was going to perform during halftime. Actually the game now really sucks and many people that I know don’t even watch the game.

The NBA was separate from the ABA. In fact the ABA was barely considered a Professional League. Now Bingo. They mean nothing.

And lets not even go into the NHL and the Stanley Cup. What a farce that is. It seems like almost any team can get into the playoffs.

Back to Baseball, the Great American Pastime. The fans don’t like it and all your’e going to do is siphon away fans from the sport.

I could go into the Wild Card but I will leave that for another day.

Thanks for listening. Yeah right.


4 thoughts on “An open letter to @budselig and @MLB

  1. I skim – it’s a habit by now. Skimming causes me to pickup the nuggets. Nuggets are hard on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Like one model of security drilled into me. The nugget here is “stupid”. If this age were to be named anecdotally, it would be ‘The Age of Stupid’. Not sure what zodiac sign that aligns with. A little statistical analysis should easily answer that. This posting touches on merely one example. If you start to make a list, you’d probably have a hard time stopping, and besides, you’d fall into the ‘trap of stupid’.

    Stupid is like a pothole. If you can see it enough in advance, simply go around it. Most don’t. Stupid is Aldo like quicksand, easy to get into, hard to get out.

    Forest Gump knew about it and talked about in terms of ‘Stupid is as Stupid does’. Is there a definition? Probably many. Let’s just use a twist on the Supreme Court (anyone remember ‘here comes ‘da judge’?) definition of pornography – namely – can’t define it but you know it when you see it – I think that came from Scalia.

    Anyway, realize that this is the age of stupid, and just move on. I’ll get into this concept on my ‘blog’ (another stupid word) and the various antidotes. Stay wise, stay alert, stay safe and be grateful.




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