A few off my Favorite things

Rain drops on roses, and blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes……….

Nah only kidding. That is from one of my all-time favorite movie, Sound of Music. Yes I had a crush on Julie Andrews. Just add my name to the list.

But what are some of my favorite things. Well let me list some of them. (Lucky you). and not in any special order because that take too much effort and I am only sipping my first coffee of the morning.

Sitting on my front porch in the mornings, listening to the quiet of the day, feeling the rays of the sun as it slowly comes over the lush green wooded hill across the street. 

Sipping my coffee with no one to strike up a conversation with me. LOL.

Reading my book on my tablet in the quiet waiting for the New York Times to be delivered.

Going to the beach watching the waves crash on the shoreline hoping that no one sees me looking at the peripheral scenery. (Wink, wink,)

Walking the beach with Alice looking for nice shells or sea glass (since we stopped dumping in the ocean that is getting less and less) hand in hand.

Not having to run the heat. And asking Alice to turn down the A/C

A walk in the woods.

Camping, either backpacking or even car camping. Just being away from civilization for a while.

Laying in my hammock for hours either sleeping or fighting sleep to read a good book. Sleep usually wins

Spending time with my boys and future daughter in law.

The way that after all of these years, our son’s friends still call me ‘Pop’ or ‘Dad’ and remember me on Father’s Day (Hallmark Holiday) and the other holidays.

The way we get surprise visits from them.

I am constantly amazed that since 1979 my bride still puts up with my Mishagas (Jewish term. Google it).

The work that I do with the Boy Scouts. (yeah who woulda thunk it)

The impact that the Grateful Dead and their music still have on my life all these decades later.

The whiplash I get looking back on lifes past journeys and looking forward to the new ones.

The fact that my brother and I, although living different life styles and not really understanding each others, have learned to get along and be tolerant of it and can now talk and share things in an adult mature manner. 

How proud I am when I see the adults that my children have become and the way they conduct themselves to better their lives!!!!!!!!

Well I thought that I would just list a few things like the song but actually I have a lot to be  thankful for and have many favorite things so I will end this here for today. 




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