Well it has been a couple days since my last entry. Day 7 was filled with all kinds of aggravation. Non of it generated by my son or myself but I have chosen not to go into it here. It’s better that way and so far this narrative has been filled with positive things.

So on Friday night Adam an I head South into Orange County to spend the weekend with my brother and some friends. We got to meet my brother’s new Lady friend and spend an enjoyable evening with them. Saturday saw us in Laguna Beach for lunch with my adopted son Sergeant Dusty Brown of the USMC (BTW the Marine Corps and I share birthdays) and his girlfriend. We ate lunch together and then went to Wyland Studios. If you are unfamiliar with the work of Wyland, he is worth searching out on the Google. Dusty had to head back towards Camp Pendleton and probably had enough of hanging with a couple of 50+ year olds 🙂 But Mark Adam and I walked the beach with the beautiful people and had a nice time. 

Later that day I had dinner with a friend from my college days and had loads of fun reliving the past and discussing the present. We wouldn’t even speculate on the future, who could these days.

Today, sadly enough I travel back to NJ. :-(. A State that every time I leave I never want to see again but low and behold like a moth drawn to a flame I keep getting drawn back. I just hope that I don’t burn up like that moth.  If it wasn’t for my wife and son AND future daughter in law I would be gone by now. Oh well all good things in all good time.

The really hard part was saying good bye to Adam.  After spending an amazing time on the road together sharing many thoughts, ideas, views and road food together it was not easy to watch him drive out of LAX into his new life. But hey isn’t that part of what being a parent is all about?  It just comes too soon.

See you back in New Jersey.




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