Well once again i sit here by the pool in Adam’s complex sipping my morning coffee. It is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. It is actually day 7 but now I am writing about yesterday.

Having flown through 3 States on Wednesday to get here, yesterday i had the great pleasure of not only watching Adam in his chosen craft, but to watch what, hopefully, are the future film makers of the industry. I was able to watch students that were new to the craft and some that had been doing this for a couple of years. No one lost patience, no one (outwardly) showed aggravation when things didn’t go right on the first take. In fact they helped each other. Well to a point. The people who handled the camera only did the camera. ‘Talent’ did primarily talent things like work to get into the mind-set of their character. Although not  Union, yet they knew their boundaries. I saw lots of talent  in every aspect of their work. None of them have chosen an easy field to get into but each and every one has the potential to break in. Now remember this is coming from a person  that hasn’t studied film since I was in college a zillion years ago, and never studied it from the production side. My studies were limited to the final project and how the films translated from the original books. But I know what I like and I truly liked what I saw yesterday. 

I was lucky. I was the only non production person on the set and was invited by the Director. I stayed in the shadows, Adam asked that when they were doing the actual shoots and not the rehearsals I not be in his field of vision. Of course I complied and that is why many pictures are from the monitor that the Director sees things. By mid day I was being asked to do some mundane tasks and I was happy to  be of help. Now mind you they did not let me even near the $150,000 Panavision camera but that is ok. Who needs that kind or responsibility? 

Adam made me proud. Because we were not in town, his were bit parts, the filming was silent without lines, yet he was able to emote on the screen exactly what the director was asking for and much much more. Someone told me that he is great at doing improvisational things that aren’t written in the scripts so they never know where he is headed until the camera is actually rolling. His peers all greeted him with open arms when we arrived and now I know why last Semester he was in such demand working 7 days a week between classes and shoots. When each shot was done he got applause, and all around praise. Okay enough being the proud dad. (Don’t worry Bill, I Kvel about you too every chance I get)

I was hoping to borrow Adam’s computer to edit all of the pictures that I have been uploading but, for some strange reason, last night he said no. So you are all stuck with what’s up there now. If you wait until i get back to New Jersey (UGH) I will clean it up and put comments. By the way, my little bear (C.C. Sabathia) made it to the jail, for those that missed him and I got him into a picture in Solitary Confinement.

Before I end for now, a couple of things. The filming was at a decommissioned jail that has been used for many films, music videos, and shows. L.A. Confidential was shot there and is about things that happened there. The jail is haunted and may be found on Wikipedia. Just type in Lincoln Heights Jail.  Today we were supposed to go to Camp Pendleton and visit with an adopted son of mine that is a Sargent in the Marine Corps. He got called to San Diego to work work so Adam and I will take care of mundane business here up north before heading South to visit with my brother Mark and my friend Dan. Hopefully we will get to see Sargent Dusty Brown before I head back East.

Gotta run.

Dave – From Sea to Shining Sea


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