So here I sit outside Adam’s apartment near the pool enjoying the peace and quiet  at 8:30am on what is actually day 6. So how did we get here so many days early you may ask? Well I will tell you in one word.’Tradition’. No wait wrong musical.

We were driving out of the beatiful Rockie Mountains watching the scenery change from the lush vegatation to a more prarie/desert variety. Route 70 traverses through some of the most beautiful canyons on a slow but steady downhill out of the mountains. The cliffs surrounding us slowly began to change color to a nice reddish/sandy color. Their height above us was dazzling.The oohs and aahs were really flowing. Suddenly we were not in Colorado anymore but now in Utah. In all my life I never figured Utah to be like this. I found myself daydreaming about being Mormon and having many wives but that nightmare ended as the scenery got more and more beautiful. LOL. Afterall, Alice and I can’t afford just the two of us, how can we add more into the mix.

We stopped for gasoline and while pumping Adam got a text from someone that he likes to work with asking if he would be able to make a ‘shoot’ the next day (today) and that he could bring me along to see the workings of a set. The location is in a decommissioned jail. Well how could he pass that up and for me, this is as close as I will get to watching him work. So we hightailed it through, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. 

So we didn’t make to Bryce, Zion or the Casinos but such is life, now I get to see a shoot.

Gotta run.

Below are the pictures. Now for some reason, as i have mentioned before, using the tablet is like using an app and it doesn’t have all the features of a computer. So somehow now they are out of sequence. If Adam let’s me use his laptop I will fix them. Otherwise you’ll have to live with it till I get it fixed.





    • We were on a rush to get from Utah to California so Adam could do his shoot today. So he wouldn’t let me get out of the car and all he would do is lean out the window take a picture and basically tell me it was time to get back on the road again.


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