Day 4 was, so far the best day of our journey. Colorado is amazing. We entered from the east and it wasn’t much different then Kansas for the first couple of hours. Then out in the distance, we saw what appeared to be rain clouds in the distance. As we got closer to Denver these dark shadows began to take shape. Snow caps, tree lines and beauty that doesn’t exist on the East Coast, in my opinion. Every few miles there were signs proclaiming that you had to have chains on your tires or you couldn’t go any further. Needless to say that I will never visit this State in the winter. Enough on that. Thanks to my friend Jeff, who with his wife Ann, used to live out here we skipped Pikes Peak and plowed on to find another 14,000′ er, Mt. Evans. Well the DOT were working on the Mt. Evans Rd. so we punted and continued on. We went to historic Georgetown and went up the Guenella pass. Up up and away we went. Adam said that all of my oohs and ahhs and my yelling ” LOOK AT THAT” reminded of an Italian mother. Of course I took offense because I am of Jewish decent and how dare he. LOL.
From there, again thanks to Jeff, we took the Loveland Pass where I ooh’d and ahh’d some more. Ad played with snow and I just stood gawking at the beauty of America. Our ride was slow going as I had to keep stopping to see things. We saw 100yr old abandoned mines and 100yr old mines still in operation. There must still be gold in them thar hills.
We traveled on, finally, to Glenwood Springs thinking it was a dink town with cheap lodging. Wrong. It was a cute little college town with green dispensaries Evey where  and health spas for people with psychosomatic ailments. :-).  In case I didn’t mention earlier this is the most expensive state we’ve been too.
Any way. Time to turn from the blog and look at the countryside.
The link below should take you to my album. If not let me know. Again it is currently unedited as by the time we get to the hotel this middle aged man is beat.
Keep coming back.



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