Ok so this is actually day 4 but since we haven’t hit the road yet, and I was beat to shit last night by the time we hit a hotel consider this yesterday’s post.

We woke up in Illinois yesterday began our journey towards St. Louis. Our goal was to go to the Gateway Arch but we didn’t get to do that. First off it was raining and overcast till just before we hit St. Louis. Second all of the roads there are under construction and not only did we miss the turn off, but of all the states that we have been too, neither of us saw a ‘Welcome to Missouri’ sign. So onward we went. 

So far we have gone from the rollinng hills of the Allegheny’s in PA to farmland in Ohio and then to the the farm/ranch land in Kansas. I realize that the song comes from the musical Oklahoma, but i couldn’t stop singing, “….Oh the farmer and the cowboy should be friends….”. We would pass farms with young corn to ranches with black angus cows and back again. 

At one point we saw miles and miles of electric generating windmills. Really an amazing sight. Very impressive. We spent the whole day battling amazing crosswinds blowing from the South to the North. Little did we know that just north of us two tornados touched down in Nebraska. Along most of the state of Kansas we saw signs of recent storms. Signs twisted and torn, all over the place. One thing that I noticed, was that as the highway got close to any town there was a sign. It would state “if this sign is blinking then you must exit the highway at the next exit. Violators subject to $10,000 fine.” Then there would be gates to close the highway at the exits. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was all about but finally figured out that it was to get people off of the road and towards shelters. They take this stuff seriously out here.

It became our goal to get out of Kansas and into Colorado and by the time we got here were both beat to heck.  Also, if you have never made this ride before than I have to tell you that Colorado looks like Kansas for the first few hours. But today we will hit Denver and hopefully get a bit into the Rockies. If the weather permits, we will try to camp tonight and not stay in a hotel. I hope to bring Adam to see Red Rocks, and we’ll play it by ear from there.

OK so I think that I figured out how to post pictures on Google + that may be easier to view. Now I have to edit and rotate and make comments and will do so but for a quick and dirty I’ll drop in the link later on. In the meantime you can go to the last post and click on the link and see my updates.

Gotta run. Film at eleven.



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