Today was pretty uneventful.  Adam slept  most of the way because last night his friends threw him a going away party and he got about three hours sleep. Ah youth truly is wasted on the young. But that was ok by me. Since I drive for a living it was just another day behind glass. The only difference was that I did not have to get out and deal with Accounts in between stops to pee. LOL. I am finding that it is not easy to insert photos here on the tablet but hope to get it figured out soon enough. 

Much to Adam’s chagrin I have brought along a mascot for the trip. It is a little bear with a NY Yankees logo on his front and CC Sabathia and his number on the back. My goal is to photograph him in front of every State sign as we travel and in strange places along the way. I figure that by the end of the trip Adam will get my warped humor or will throw the thing out, or hide it until I step onto the plane in L.A.

It has been many years since I have traveled across these here United States and I noticed something immediately. Back in the days before Cell Phones, every mountain and hilltop had on it a Microwave tower so that Ma Bell could send phone calls across the United States. When a youngster I used to marvel at the technology. Today i did not see one of those towers but saw loads of cell towers on hills all through PA and Ohio.

By the way, if I didn’t mention it, I am writing this from  Cleveland. My plan was to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today but that didn’t pan out. So we will do that in the morning. We did get to drive around Cleveland a bit. Adam and I were surprised at just how small the city is. We saw Lake Erie, and walked around a bit and had dinner in an outdoor cafe style Mexican restaurant. All in all a cute little place.

Oh before ending, I will state that if I had to make this ride in the winter I would have had to kill  myself. Rolling hills of woods and farmland are nice but if it was all white with snow and salt on the road I couldn’t handle it.

Well time for bed. More tomorrow

PS I may have to develop a link to a dropbox or box.com so you can see our voyage.


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