Well I sit here on a quiet Friday morning sipping my coffee getting ready for the end of my work week and a couple of thoughts popped into my head. And I said lets share them with the world as the name of my post  is ‘Eyes of the World’

The Empty Nest. Yes my wife and I have hit that spot in life when our major purpose of parenthood is waning. Our roles are changing. Oh yes we still try to guide and do it from personal experiences but now we are  dealing with adults and not six or eight year olds.

What brings me to these thoughts you ask? I will tell you. (Like you didn’t see that one coming). We are going through the period where we are learning to cook for two and not 4. Now this takes some getting used to. I mean even a pound of pasta doesn’t have t o be cooked up at once. When i make the gravy (we can discuss the differences between gravy and sauce in a later interaction. I will say that I am Jewish and even I know the difference) No longer do I have to pull out my MEGA pot and make enough to package and put into the freezer in the basement unless I plan to make only one a year. We let our COSTCO membership slip for 7 months before we found a reason to renew it. And it was because I needed to by food for our Scout Troop campout and not for the family. We freeze more pieces of fish and chicken parts than we grill up at any given time. I love baked potatoes but now we don’t need to buy the 5lb bag of the tiny ones, I can hand-pick the biggies and only by 4 at a time.

Yes we indeed miss having our children home with us and the way it used to be. For one thing, my wife and I try not to discuss them all the time.  For another, we have to take an interest in each others lives. Something that we didn’t have much time for before. And you know what, my wife leads an interesting existence that I kind of took for granted in the past. We both tried, over the years to prepare for these empty nest days but knee problems have but a crimp on my plans. I’m working on it and refuse to give up, well not yet at least.

Are we sorry to see our children move on and do what we have prepared them for, NO FRICKIN’ WAY!!!!!! We are proud to see that we did ‘Our Best’ (Scout Motto). We are proud of what they are becomming and it makes us feel happy to believe that we did the right things in our lessons. Do we miss them being in the house ? SH*T Yeah. We love when they visit and share their lives with us. But we also enjoy when they go home. (Boys don’t take that personal or stop coming around. then I just will have your mother to make small talk with. LOL).

So what brought me to start this blog this morning? Well I will tell you. When our boys lived here in the house with us we used to buy milk by the gallon. About 2 a week. Then they move out  and we began to buy just 1/2 gallons. It would go bad. Then we downsized to quarts. Still not good enough. (advice, when someone asks you to smell the milk to see if it is ok. JUST throw it out because it is not ok.!!!! You can thank me later for that advice). Now we are down to buying milk by the pint. And this morning I made my cup of coffee and put in my dollop of milk, took a sip and began to mutter curses because now the pint went bad. If I wasn’t allergic to non dairy creamers I would buy that, but instead of that I guess I will make-believe that I am backpacking and be prepared for that occasional black cut of coffee at home.

Share your empty nest experiences with me. Misery loves company. 😀 LOL

Have a good holiday, which every one you celebrate.



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