Verizon Wireless


Folks back on February 19th, after hitting many brick walls with Verizon Wireless I wrote a scathing blog ( and posted it in every type of media that i could think of. I logged a formal complaint with the FCC, Board of Public Utilities, as well as the major press located in New York.

Well after months of battling with Verizon and getting nowhere, I finally received a call from their Corporate Office triggered by the complaint filed with the FCC.

Finally I need to tell you all that Verizon made good on everything that I was arguing about and then some. They were very apologetic and bent over backward to make a bad situation a good situation. I no longer am looking at leaving them (I have been a loyal customer for 21 years). And all is good.

So what did I learn here? Never give up, keep fighting for what you believe in, Keep a log and a very good paper trail. It may cause your blood pressure to rise, but if you give up then they win. And in this I do not mean just Verizon, I mean most big corporations, or politicians.

Now as a Salesman, I know that a happy customer tells 10 or 15 people that they are happy with a certain situation, and an unhappy person tells at least 100 people about their bad experience. In all fairness, I am posting this everywhere to let all know that I am now, once again, a happy Verizon Wireless Customer.

Thanks for listening.


PS Just in a post script, NEVER NEVER use a Verizon Franchisee, go directly to an official Verizon store. It is easier and more honest.


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