The first breath of Spring

Here i sit in my living room in northern New Jersey. Up until two days ago there was around 3 feet of snow on the ground. Yesterday it was in the 40’s and today in the 50’s (Farenheit) so suddenly the ground is showing. Where we live we are somewhat in the woods. I spent the day working on putting a new operating system on one of my computers, listening to the Yankees play (and lose) a Spring Training game, reading, and taking a mental health day.  I went outside, sat on my wall and turned my head towards the sun to get a long needed dose of vitamin D. 

After this long winter that is just what the Doctor ordered. It seems like this was the winter that would never end. But alas, they all do, some sooner than others, and this one not a moment too soon. 

I went to look and see if my daffodils were beginningto pop but no. The pussy willows on the other hand were daring Spring and looked like they were winning.
Birds are beginning to chirp in the morning, I even saw a Robin the other day.
Yes life is returning to our part of the planet.
That reminds me, we have to buy a new tent.
Well catch you all later, I have to go online look a bit at tents and do some dreaming.


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