Spring Ahead, Fall Behind


Here in the U.S. of A. we will be setting our clocks ahead an hour. This takes place at 2am on Sunday morning. We do this the first Second Sunday in March. Then on the Second Sunday in November we set the clocks back an hour. A small number of countries around the world do this but I do not believe that they do it at the same time of the month that we do. The idea of Daylight Savings time was conceived in 1895 but was fist done in 1915 by Austria-Hungry. There are many reasons that countries do this. Many praise it and many condemn it. Those that praise it do so because by adding light to the evening hours gets people outside more in the evening and boosts the economy because people can play sports longer during daylight and not in the dark. Others say that it is a good idea because after hibernating all winter when daylight is shortest it, in theory, makes the days longer.  Retailers say it is a bad thing because instead of escaping the dark of night and going shopping people spend that ‘extra’ time outside enjoying soaking up the sunlight. Ecologists say that it saves energy as we do not have to burn lights and use as much electricity.

Okay, so here is where I stand on this whole thing. IT IS ONE OF THE STUPIDEST THINGS MAN HAS EVER THOUGHT OF. Days are not longer. Daylight will naturally be longer (in the northern hemisphere) as the sun is now above the equator. There are more automobile accidents right after we set the clocks ahead and also right after we turn them back. It affects the body similarly to jet lag. But here is the real crux of the biscuit.

Time is nothing more than a concept invented by man. It takes 365 days for the earth to circle the sun (well not really because in the Julian calendar we have a leap year where we add a day every 4 years to realign things. In the Hebrew calendar they have a leap month to do the same thing). It takes the moon 28 days to circle the earth (so a month should really be 28 days not 30 or 31). It takes the earth 24 hours to rotate once (but even that is slowing down). It takes 60 minutes to make an hour, and sixty seconds to make a minute and on and on and on. All concepts to keep track of things that help to overload our brains with information that we, probably, could live without. I know that I could.

Ok, my father died after the earth moved around the sun 59 times. Others die when the earth moves around the sun 30, 75, 82, or 90 times. Why just last week the oldest survivor of the Holocaust died after she saw the earth move around the sun 110 times. Wow now that’s a record. When my father died everyone said, “So young, before his time, he should have had many more years ahead of him.” Maybe but maybe we just die when our bodies just say, it’s time. There’s that word time. Hmm let’s try to change that. Instead of time lets just say his body said enough, lets move on to something else. Was it easy for us left here to watch the earth move about the sun counting the how many times (there’s that word) it does it. NOO. We all said, “Oh my G*d. He was so young, he was only 59.” Yes I still miss him after 28 years. But did he fret about how long his time here on earth was going to be? NO he lived each day to the fullest, so in that respect the concept of time meant nothing. NOTHING.

My wife and I have known each other 35 years and have been married 32 years. Just markers to remind everyone, sticks in the sand, but in reality, if it was only 10 years would that make a difference? No, we both know that we love each other, and we don’t need a calendar to remind us of that. You know why?  Because it has nothing to do with the earth’s revolutions around the sun. It has to do with the power of attraction. The rest is moot.

Time, I never realized how long a minute was until we got our first microwave oven. I walked over to it to reheat some coffee. Set the buttons for 1 minute. And I stood and I stood and I stood waiting for the machine to go beep. It seemed like an hour, but it was only a minute. Oh my G*d how long could a minute be? Now I just walk away, let the machine do it’s thing and come back when it beeps.

I could go on, I mean I haven’t even touched on a subject that kept us busy for a lot of time (there it is again) in college. But I will throw it out for you to contemplate. What if we are really just on an electron, circling an atom, on the thumbnail of a giant, living in this giant world somewhere in the universe. And what if this giant is just on an electron, circling an atom on the thumbnail of a really big giant living in an even bigger world somewhere in a larger universe……..????????? Well it kept us busy for many months, hours, minutes, seconds while hanging out in our dorms.

Time, a concept that may not be our best invention. But if you live here in the U.S.A. then remember to set your clocks ahead or you may not make it on time to whatever you had planned on Sunday. Now wouldn’t you hate to be late? (there’s that time reference again)


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