Ah, Sunday morning, a day that I look forward to. The dogs don’t know the difference between Tuesday or Sunday, so my day begins, still, before sunrise. My wife and I try to alternate between wakng up early on the weekend. Today was my turn.

The sun was not up, but I still opened my shades so that as the day dawned, I would be able to see the faint glow of sunlight and the colors change in the sky. We are lucky today in the northwest corner of New Jersey (in the U.S.A.) as it is in the mid 30’s Fahrenheit. As quietly as I can, I let the dogs out and give them their breakfast, make my coffee, and then climb back into bed with my tablet to catch up on the news. I like to read the NY Times, BBC, and the Huffington Post (which to me is like the National Enquirer or a tabloid newspaper) to see how each reports a story. This is a habit that I got into studying journalism back in college that I carry with me to this day.

As the sun comes up a minute earlier each day the hint of Spring is what I see outside my window. Our bedroom overlooks the woods behind our house. In the Winter I can see our lake, which is still ice covered, the snow in our yard and on the hill behind the lake. Today the temps should hit the mid 40’s again so the snow, which we have been looking at since December is melting and I see patches of earth appear here and there. Once the light hit the sky, birds, long quiet, begin to chirp and sing. Is Spring really around the corner? I have to remember to pick up some birdseed to see if any different species are back from the South yet. Maybe I will spot Miss Mayzie coming back to re leave Horton from hatching her egg.

I used to love the four seasons, but for about a decade now, I dread the onset of Autumn and Winter. Oh the trees look nice in the fall with their colors but in the back of my mind to me it just means winter is around the corner. I used to ski and tent camp in the winter but no more. Maybe that comes with age. Now a days I love the warmth of summer, the heat and the humidity (yes the humidity). I love hiking, backpacking, canoeing and just breathing in the smell of the trees and woods as I sweat in the heat. To walk on trails along the mountains (well really hills but in NJ we call them mountains) sucking down water from my camelback, canoeing the chain of lakes in NY’s Adirondack mountains, to me this is heaven on earth. Not really a kayak kind of guy, my wife and I are considering venturing into this hobby. For me the dream is to buy a smaller tent, more waterproof sacks, and explore the waterways.

I even dream of the day when I can move to Florida, and escape the winters altogether (except to visit my son and his soon to be wife upstate NY). Believe it or not there a many waterways to kayak or canoe down in Florida, one just needs to know where to look. Will I miss the mountains? Absolutely!!! But Tennessee and Georgia are not that far away. And of course I will always return to the Ad’s (Adirondacks).

Oh, my knees may scream, and I may do more boating than hiking but I will never give it up.

Life is returning to the Northern Hemisphere again.

Oh by the way, 12 days until Spring Training begins. Yeah I can almost smell it in the air.


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