All the News That’s fit to Print

Hello and welcome back to my blog, Eyes of the World. I was on the road for a whirlwind trip from the East Coast to the West Coast and back for about a week. Upon my return to the frigid temperatures in the east, I delved into catching up at work just now have found some time to catch up with you folks.

Now I over the decades I have never been a follower of Larry King, but thanks to Howard Stern (no I no longer listen to him) I am aware of Mr. Kings style of writing in his syndicated column. So to try and be concise, i will borrow from him. Sprinkling links to articles where I can, if I can figure out how to. Enough. Lets get to the meat of the subjects. (most from yesterdays NY Times as that is what I had time to read)

What ever happened to the ‘N’ in wireless technology? Everything I see and go to buy promote that the product is b,g, n compatible but I am yet to find anything that actually works in the N range. I know that this refers to speed that data is transmitted wirelessly but hey it has been a decade now since they began touting it and where the heck is it? Please remember that ‘G’ is still half the speed of wired ethernet.

We have become a Nation of Part-time employees. Both my son and his fiance have had their hours cut at work to below what is required for their employers to offer benefits. Both health and retirement. My other son cannot find a job as no one is hiring. Go to retail stores, and unless it is Christmas time there is usually only 2 registers open at the check out. The Government in this Country is turning this nation into a third world Country. I say vote them out and do it now. From Washington to Main St. we need change and we need it yesterday. Why the company that I work for has even gone and changed the pay structure for it’s sales force. In essence, now we have taken a pay cut, and have to work longer to earn what we did last year. But, my expenses continue to rise. Their attitude is, that with millions of people out of work, if you don’t like it, we can replace you with someone younger and willing to work 18 hour days 7 days a week. And they don’t need the health care that you old farts need.

Hospital Chain Said to Scheme to Inflate Bills (
Hmm not really surprising with all that is going on with Health Reform within this Country. I have experienced this myself. Some years ago I had both knees scoped. I was in the outpatient part of the hospital from noon to 6pm.  The bill came to $44,000 (all doctors, meds, and anesthesia combined) and the insurance company paid $17,000. When I went to the surgeon for my follow up visit I brought the statement with me. He said that basically the insurance company paid what the surgery was worth, but if the Hospital and all involved billed for what it was actually worth than they would have gotten around $8,000. So they had to inflate the bill to get what they really wanted. This is common and runs rampant in the system. Read the article above and see just how bad things are and imagine just how bad it will become in the near future.

Industry awakens to Threat of Climate Change (  Ok so it may not be for the best reasons, but this shows that industry is now willing to admit that something is wrong and must alter the way that they do business to keep doing business. And keep profits up. Whatever works.

Arrest made in ’78 Lufthansa Robbery ( This one caught my eye because I love stories about the mob, and Goodfella’s was one of my favorite movies. My father-in-law used to say that if the Mob ran the country there would be no deficit. I will add to that no crime either. Remember the Star Trek when they went back to a planet, or was it back in time, when the mobs ran the world?  To this day I watch the Godfather Trilogy and Goodfella’s every year. “I knew it was you all along Fredo.”

Huge Super Pac is Moving Early to Back Clinton ( woman hasn’t even announced her intentions yet (does she really?) but already the $millions are building up.

Fined Billions Bank will give Dimon a Raise ( shit. Read the article.

Microsoft Earnings Illustrate Move to Devices and Services from Software ( I admit, I am an Android guy and am even using Linux on one of my computers. I loathe Windows 8, considered buying a Chromebook but may have to bite the bullet and get a Windows computer or tablet. Really I do most of my computing on my android phone and android tablet.

Walmart Creates Fund to Support U.S. Manufacturing ( And if they buy American, how will they live up to their mantra “lowest prices, guaranteed”?

Every Great Nation has had it’s downfall, we are living through the beginning of ours.

Well that’s it for now. So much happened in a week that it is hard to catch up in one blog. Most importantly though Spring Training begins in 20 days and this year there will be no A Rod. Finally.

See you in the funny papers.


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