Life, chapter and verse.

Shush, did you hear that? It sounded to me like the sound of a page turning and the beginning of a new chapter in the book of life. What’s that you say, you didn’t hear anything? Well that’s probably because you do your reading digitally and we change pages by quietly swiping the screen. But none the less it was the sound of a page turning.


Lets step back for a moment. We all come in to this world in almost the same way. In the beginning our parents do everything for us. They feed us, clothe us, change our diapers, teach us to talk and walk. As time goes on they make sure that we are doing our homework, not playing with matches all the while trying to teach us right from wrong. Our parents ultimate goal is for us to turn out ‘alright’, to be functioning members of society, to have it better than they did. I am not sure if that is the American Dream or if it is the dream of all parents worldwide.

All the while pages are turning in books and chapters end and new ones begin. And we don’t really notice because we are busy with life.

Then suddenly the mother of all chapters hits. It is now time for the little birds to leave the nest. What you say, preposterous why this will upset the whole applecart in our home. We have a routine, things get done certain ways, how dare they do this to us (Pretty self centered don’t you think?). But we/they do. We all do. It is the natural Circle of Life.  And it’s normal not abnormal.

Well gang, that mother just hit in our house and boy what a surprise. Oh it’s not like we didn’t have time to plan for it, I mean we knew all summer that our little boy (well young man and much taller than me) was going to get on that plane and head west to the left coast and follow his own dreams. Yes his dreams, not what I think his dreams should be but his. How dare he. Wait a minute, didn’t I do just that same thing 40 years ago? And didn’t my parents do that before me? And their parents got on a ship and sailed halfway around the world to go through the gates at Ellis Island to make their lives better than their parents?



So now it was his turn and shortly it will be our other’s son turn when he marries the girl of his dreams (that we love already as a member of our little family).

And so pages turn, chapters end and chapters begin. All that we can hope is that we did our jobs right. So far it looks like that way to me.

Yes this next chapter is not an easy one for my wife and me. We have to learn to talk to each other again. We have to get used to going hiking, camping, etc as just the two of us. Do we eat dinner in the kitchen or in the livingroom watching the news? 



I can’t wait to keep reading this book, chapter by chapter. And you know what, I am not even going to look at the last pages to see how it ends. Why take the fun out of a hood read?




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