They should all go back where they came from!!

Believe it or not I heard one of my customers make this statement recently while in his store. Part of me understands the sentiment. But the intelligent Dave can’t help but be reminded of comments made similar to this by Archie Bunker back in the early 1970’s on National Television. And I realized that we, for the most part have learned nothing from then.

The only people that have the right to make this comment are the Native American people that were living on this continent before Christopher Columbus ruined it in 1492.


This is a map of North America before Western Civilation came here. Which makes no sense because Europe is actually East of here)  came here and changed the landscape and culture forever. This was a Continent already inhabited by many Native Americans living in Tribes (nations) in relative peace and harmony.

Without going into a blow by blow description, lets just agree on the fact that where ever Europeans go on this planet, they feel that the natives are ‘savages’ and need to be tamed, and Christianized. Made Western. To give up their lives, practices (traditions), general dress, and religions and believe in the ‘one and only God’ promoted by the Vatican.

You will have to excuse me  if I digress because this is a difficult topic and encompasses a lot of  ground.

Now back to the header of today’s blog. It made me think. First off if I were to go back ‘where I came from, where would that be. Currently I reside In Jefferson Township in NJ and have done so since 1988. Before that my wife and I lived in Hackensack, NJ, before that Bergenfield, NJ, Before that Edgewater, NJ, before that I grew up in Teaneck, NJ, before that Ridgefield, NJ and ultimately I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. I guess Poughkeepsie it would be. But currently I have absolutely no roots there as my whole family have left for other parts. So the people there might very well say, why doesn’t he go back where he came from. My wife’s family: Alice lives here in Jefferson Twp with me, before that Hackensack NJ, before that Bergenfield, NJ, before that Teaneck, NJ (FDU), before that Matawan, NJ, before that Union NJ. Same question.

If we go back further, my family came from Austria, Germany, Hungry, and Russia. My wife’s family, Italy (Napolaton>Naples) and Albania. Both of our families came here to pursue better lives than what was available back in the homeland. Whether it be religious freedom (like the early Pilgrims) or economic freedom, this was the ‘Land of opportunity’. A place to start a fresh and make things better for yourselves and your families. But even that proved to be hard work. My grandparents had to go to school by day and come home at night to teach my great  grandparents English so that they could communicate in this strange new land and get jobs to earn the money to achieve their goals. Most of the time these were jobs that people that came here much earlier didn’t want to do, so the most current immigrant got those. They swallowed their pride and worked these jobs to give their children a better shot at life.

I could go on and on here but will switch subjects so as not to repeat myself too much.

Now we come to today. A land that people worldwide still strive to get to and mostly for the same reasons that I stated above. These people take jobs that ‘real Americans’ don’t want. They work 70-80 hour weeks running the convenience stores, driving the taxis, emptying your garbage, working in our sewers, laying bricks, smoothing cement, replacing roofs, pumping our gasoline, etc, etc. Why, because we don’t want to do that ‘kind’ of work. We want to live in our large homes, watch our 60″ TV’s, drive our gas guzzling SUV’s to bring our kids to soccer practice., get pedicures, and not scratch or break a nail doing ‘that kind of work’. So, what makes these new immigrants different than our ancestors that came to America, the land of opportunity, the land of the free and the home of the brave? They’ll learn our language, eventually their children will drive SUV’s and take their kids to soccer practice.

‘But they come crawling over the borders illegally’ you say. Well so did the Pilgrims. But to end this argument with you all right now. I too agree that this needs to end. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!!! But I am not against legal immigration. Why should these people not be afforded the same opportunities that our grandparents, or great grandparents were? And so what if they dress differently, who says that ‘Western Civilization’ is the only Civilization?

Ok enough said with out this becoming a book that you can get on Amazon.

I hope that I have given you some food for thought. Thanks for listening.


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