Subtract Teachers, Add pupils: Math of Today’s Jammed Schools

I was reading this article today in the NY Times and something that I have been saying for decades really came home to roost. “The future of any society lies in the Education System of that society”.
I am from the tail end of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. While attending Elementary School, Junior High School, and High School it was not uncommon for their to be 32 students in a class. In fact I remember in Teaneck, NJ the elementary schools all had temporary buildings to handle the overflow classes. Then suddenly there were more school space than students. I remember the first time that I went through town and saw that my elementary school was now the house of the Board of Education. The playground is partially paved over as a parking lot.
With the recession (read depression) that our country has been going through for about six years now cuts have been made everywhere. As tax revenues dropped, so did public services. Yes the Public Schools fall in this catagory. Like a house of cards, it is only a matter of time for the house to fall down.  Can we shore it up so that this doesn’t happen? With all that must be done to keep this ‘house’ from crumbling a good starting point is in Education.


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