Cats in the Cradle

Cats in the Cradle

As the time grows closer that my son, Adam, leaves for a new life in California this song comes to mind. I can honestly say that ours was not a relationship like the one that Harry Chapin describes here. In fact this holds true for my relationship with my older  Son Bill as well. And as I think back to my own childhood, my father was always there and available. So why then does this song keep coming to mind? Maybe because it makes us all think of our purpose in life. To be there for our children, to guide and teach them so that they can grow and develop into the kind of people that make you proud. To take what you have taught them, add their own to it and carry on the tradition.

I am truly lucky because in my opinion, Alice and I have done just that. Both of our boys, now men, make us proud. It doesn’t matter what they choose to do for it is their choice not ours. And whatever it is they choose, I am confident they will be well.

This is really a way of thanking my own father for doing the job that he did because he made sure to teach me the things I needed to do my job.

As for the song, please listen and take away from it your own impressions. To do that click on the title above.

Thanks Dad for a job well done!!!!! You’re still with me every day and I thank you for your guidance.


2 thoughts on “Cats in the Cradle

  1. Well said father. I love you more than you know and have learned most everything I know about manhood from you and think I’m fairing fairly well if I say so myself. Thanks pop!


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