Home Sweet Home


Ours is a mixed marriage. I am male and my wife is female. No only kidding I couldn’t resist. I am Jewish by birth, and Alice is Christian. So our children were brought up with, what we would like to believe, is the best of both cultures. We have tried to raise them with an intermingling of both of our backgrounds emphasizing the importance of being good, caring people. Alice and I agree that we have succeeded and both make us very proud.
One of the good things about being in a mixed marriage is that neither side of the family has to worry about where the holidays are spent. I get Passover, and Rosh Hashonah, and Alice’s family gets Christmas and Easter. Thanksgiving we alternate. Bingo.
Another good thing, for our children is that they get both Christmas and Chanukah. Bingo again.

Now this year is really a transitional year in our household. Our youngest son, Adam, is embarking on a new and wonderful journey. In January he is moving to Southern California to pursue his dream of studying acting and working in films. Our oldest son, Bill, is engaged and is planning on moving in with his fiance sometime next year with a wedding to follow in the future.

I would like to share just a couple of traditions that we have in our home around this time of year.

It’s not easy to see because of the size of this photo (you could try and enlarge it) but there are about 20 coffee mugs that come out this time every year. And the number of mugs grows by one each year. Back in 1994 I took Bill to the mall to get a photo mug for his mother for Mother’s Day. Well the next year we did it again, this time for Christmas. And every year since Alice has received a mug on Christmas with pictures of her boys and in some cases a picture of our whole family. I have sworn the boys to continue this tradition forever even long after I have gone to Rock N Roll heaven. Both promised me that they will.

Another tradtion comes with Chanukah. Each of us has a Menorah that we light.



Alice makes latkes we play dreidel and eat the chocolate coins. This year we added something. We gave Bill and Erica their own Menorah to bring into their own home.


And Adam will have his to take to California with him. And when he settles down, we will give him one for his new home too.

Yes it’s Holiday time. A time we dread and a time that we love. Every year we (and maybe you) play the ‘…remember when we….’ or ‘remember when the boys did…..’
This year we have been doing a lot of that.
How could we not?

Well those are just a couple of things that we do in our house. I am sure that you have traditions too.
And where would we be without these traditions?
[Take it away Zero Mostel you’re up]



6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Dave, your blog posts made me cry. Especially the part about promising to get photo mugs made. What a beautiful tradition. You and Alice did a wonderful job raising your boys! Merry Chistmas and happy Hanukkah !


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