Holiday Time

Well here it is the time of year that I like and also dislike. It comes every Thanksgiving. The inner me, loves the idea of Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards man. The music (yes I am also grateful on January 2nd when it is over), the time spent with my family. Yep by hook or by crook the boys spend time with us. The fact that Ali and I made it through another year with no major issues. And of course those extra pounds that we put on. (It’s worse in our house as Alice’s birthday is in October, followed by Adam’s, then mine, then Thanksgiving, and weeks of Christmas cookies. And who could forget latkas in between).
Last year we went back to a dead tree because we were feeling really nostalgic and also we love vacuming needles out of the carpet until Easter. Also the fake one didn’t smell like pine.
But the other side of the coin’s always present too. For me first and foremost, I really really dislike the cold. Those that know me also know that I can go on and on about this but won’t. Then there is the stress of how people put more importance on what and how much is under the tree than what the true meaning of this holiday is. Now I am no Minister, or anything like that at all but I do have an idea or two about Christmas, and it has nothing to do with shopping.
If Jesus were here today he would probably have high blood pressure or a stroke just watching what has become of his Birthday. Oh and he would probably be wondering why we are celebrating in December when he was born in March.
This IS NOT about the amount of loot under the tree. Here let me repeat that. This IS NOT about the amount of loot under the tree.
It is not about how much each gift costs, or how much money you spend on each other. In my mind, the gift is just a token of the season. On the rare times that I have been in a RC Church, there is a part where everyone turns to those around them and shakes hands, offers a kind word, etc. To me Christmas is something like that.
For a couple of weeks it is about Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards man. Go ahead call me old fashioned. I would rather spend quality time with my family to celebrate than get a gift.
Last year our family stopped buying gifts for everyone, afterall we are all adults now. We pulled a name out of a hat and that is the person that we bought for.  All I asked for was for a gift card made out to our local Food Pantry. That’s it. I didn’t need anything but someone surely needed that food card.
Please don’t think that I feel the martyr because I did this. I don’t. I just felt that others needed more than me.
I had what I wanted and this year may be the last of that for a while.
Adam moves to California in January. Bill and Erica will be married in about a year and plan on moving to New York State. And I hope in the next few years to live where snow is something that I see on tv and ice you get out of the fridge.
So you see, I have what I want for Christmas. My wife at my side, and my children at our house’
That is the icing on the cake  for me.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.



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