This morning my wife, Alice, (who works in a school) admonished me for not using proper punctuation while writing my blog. It appears that I should be paying attention to indenting new paragraph’s, spelling, and using the proper participle (sp?)
Years ago, when Windows 3.1 was all the rage I used to keep a journal. I wrote strickly stream of concienceness and didn’t pay attention to grammer. My idea was to just get the thought out. With ADHD one tends to lose my train of thought if I have to pay attention to these things. Now with the advances in technology, the computer does this for me. And alas, I have become used to it. But for some strange reason, this blog hosting page doesn’t put the squiggly line under words that need attention. Well tough nuggies folks. I will try to do pay attention to punctuation, but if I then go off on yet another tangent. Oh hey look a rabbit. It’s my wifes fault. I am sure that it is embedded here somewhere the question is where.
Anyway every great author has someone that edits their work looking for these minor mistakes. Since I cannot afford to pay for one I am stuck doing it myself. Good luck with that.
If I ask Alice to edit my posts, then they will be sanitized and policically correct. Fuck that. Sorry honey.
So either read on and do your own editing or not.
I will continue to dig for editing in WordPress.
In the meantime, enjoy.
PS notice that I did not indent or seperate anything. Well maybe it’s  true, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.



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