Thanksgiving- The morning after

Well here I sit the morning after our National excuse to overindulge at the dinner table. Well unless you are from a traditional Italian family where every Sunday you have that excuse. Now before you all go ‘oh my god what a racist’ I happen to be married to an Italian and even though I found it hard to sit at the dining room table for that long, it was a nice tradition. For me it was like going to the buffet at the Thayer Hotel in West Point. We would gather at Alice’s fathers, or sisters, house at around 1pm on Sunday. The food would begin shortly there after. As the day progressed, my father-in-law, who alway presided over the weekly festivities, would orchestrate the courses and meals to the women folk. There would be antipasta to start, a glass of wine. Then came the meatballs, sausages, some kind of pasta, bread for dipping into the ‘gravy’ (now whether it is sauce or gravy depends on which part of Italy your family was from. But from what I can gather gravy has meat in it and sauce doesn’t. Either way it is all red).  Desert was eclairs, canoles (pronounced ganole [silent e], maybe pie or cake and of course Stella Doro ‘S’ for my father-in-law. He loved them. Oh and maybe galiano or sambuca with a coffee bean floating in it.
Now being unItalian by now I was stuffed to the point of looking for the nearest vomitorium. But, and I repeat But, as soon as a friend or relative would show up to pay homage my Father-in-law would call out “Flo, Ruthie, Doc and Ann (or Gingie and Joe) are here bring out some food for them”. And low and behold the process would begin all over again.
Sometimes we would not leave the table until well after dark, remember we sat down around 1pm and now it was dark.
Which brings me to the real point of todays entry.
Many years ago, my Grandmother, Nana Francis had no where to go for Thanksgiving. Of course I would not let her spend it alone. That year we were all invited to the house of someone that my sister-in-law Ruth was dating and Nana was invited to join us. The house was packed.
When we sat down to have the Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and green beans all seemed normal to her, but when the traditional Italian fare also made it’s way to the table she was stunned. Of course being polite, Nana ate a little of everything on the table but at one point she turned to me and said,”My god I have never seen so much food at one table for Thanksgiving before in my entire life. (Nana Francis was about 90 by then and used to voicing whatever came to her mind). I assured her that this was normal for Alice’s family and then explained about Sundays.
I think that when desert was finally served she had a cup of tea and nothing more.
And so, my Nana and I had a Socioligy study that Thanksgiving but needless to say a good time was had by all. I think she told everyone about the spread for the rest of her life. But I know that she had fun.
Sadly those days don’t exist anymore.
Well time to go eat breakfast, yes I still have a couple of inches that need filling in my stomach.
Hope that your holiday was a good one.
Dave out.


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