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Ok so here goes. First off Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I truly hope that you are home getting ready for the Macy’s parade that begins in almost a half hour, and/or have that turkey in the oven, and are listening to you ‘better half’ yell about getting off your ass clean as company will be here in 5 or 6 hours. Put the leaves in the table, etc. This year we are going to my sister-in-laws so all we have to do is bring some fixin’s (that we were smart enough to do earlier this week).
Ok so what is that article listed above. Well simply put it is about how pathetic (my words not theirs) we have become by putting the almighty dollar before the worker and family. Does anyone remember the Republicans running for office on the ‘ Family Values’ concept back in the 80’s? Well obviously the big business Pac lobbyists came up with more money as we don’t hear that cry anymore.
To me, the deterioration of Thanksgiving is a major example of the downfall of our Society. We folks, have the honor of living in the beginning hours of the end of America. Just like the Roman empire we are on our downfall. All that is missing are the orgies and vomitoriums.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving. Only 28 shopping days till Christmas.
Oh that just opened up anothe can of worms that I will tackle later on.


11 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING…

  1. David what you fail to take into account is the family unit today in 2013 is not what the family unit was in 1965. Families have been redefined by divorce, by death, by distance. For those who are divorced and the kids go to one parent for the holiday, sometimes that can leave the other parent with nowhere to go. Shopping sounds like a feasible alternative. Distance is a factor as not everyone can just get in the car and drive 8 hours for Thanksgiving dinner with family, or afford to fly.The world has changed and will continue to change and evolve- it’s great if you can continue on in the “age old” traditions, but not everyone can or wants to, and maybe you should think more about passing less judgement on those people. Try to look at the bigger picture.


    • Hello Lisa. First off, since i am new to this new fangled technology, did you have to get an account to answer or were you able to just reply to my posting? Alice and I have been struggling for over a half an hour now trying to set up an account for her where she can follow me and my ramblings.
      Happy Thanksgiving.
      Yes the world wil continue to change. I am constantly reminded that in the ‘good old days’ family members grew up and only moved about 3 blocks away. Yes technology (not just internet but planes, trains and automobiles) have changed the whole family make up and logistics. But that doesn’t mean all change is for the good. The French pulled out of Vietnam and look what that got us. The Soviet Union collapsed, the horrible Communist China now holds the majority of our Countries debt and we trade with them, yet Cuba which used to be our friend and our playground off of the coast of Florida still is an enemy living in poverty. Go figure.
      And so I repeat not all change is for the good.
      As for people left alone without family going shopping. I have no easy answer there but having worked for a retailer that was open 365 days a year. I have done all the holidays, religious and U.S. and it sucks. Sorry my friend, I will not change my thoughts on this one.
      I also refuse shop on a holiday. I don’t care if I have to drink my coffee black or eat my eggs without bread. I bought gas yesterday so I wouldn’t have to do it today.
      I know I am in the vast minority but so be it. Someone has to stand up and shout “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE’!
      I guess that is my lot in life.
      And I guess that’s why I work with Scouting (yes there are issues there too).
      Any I still love you and our occasioanal sparring. Afterall this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions and the right to voice them.


      • I was able to reply without an account. We all make our choices in life, I worked retail for 6 years, black Friday included, not a picnic, but part of the job, so I did it. I’m not sure what you are shouting about and mad as hell about….t’s great you believe so strongly in some issues and are willing to stick by those beliefs by drinking black coffee and buying gas on the day before the holiday- but it doesn’t really change the fact that the gas attendant is still pumping gas today. Go take a cup of black coffee to him, go dish out food in a homeless shelter today and share your great laugh with people who are down and out and could use a smile- make a difference where it counts and to people who really need it.


      • Thanks for info on reading blog.
        I collect food for one of our 3 food Pantry’s monthly in town. I am coordinating our Troops Toys for Tots campaign. I participate in an adopt a road program. I have never handed out food at a shelter but that is on my bucket list. The mad as hell comment is from the classic movie Network which is one of my favorite movies. It is as true today as it was in the 1970’s when it came out.
        Everything I do or say isn’t a rant. But ranting really brings out the comments. Just like network news. 🙂


  2. I don’t work in retail so that way people can go shopping on a day that I should be spending with my loved ones to make themselves feel better. Aldo shoes is not the correct form of therapy to get over family issues. I work in retail so that way I can go to college.


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